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Report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into education and training4199
Zviera ZvaVaShona3448
An Example of a Grounded Theory Research Proposal3235
Challenges and opportunities in solid waste management in Zimbabwe’s urban councils3193
Men and Women: Gender Issues in Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions and She No Longer Weeps2035
The civil procedure in the Magistrates Court of Zimbabwe: A denial of justice to self actors?1900
Commentary on the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [Chapter 9:23]1831
Strategic Management Process1802
Enshrined labour rights under s 65(1) of the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe: the right to fair and safe labour practices and standards and the right to a fair and reasonable wage1452
The decision in Katekwe V Muchabaiwa: A critique*1399