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Recent Submissions

  • Groups and Group Behaviour 

    Chaneta, Isaac (2010)
    Groups and teams are a major feature of organisational life. The work organisation and its sub-units are made of, are groups of people. Most activities of the organisation require at least some degree of co-ordination ...
  • Strategic human resource management 

    Chaneta, Isaac (UZ Publications, 2010)
    This book is intended both to be descriptive of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and its key constituent ideas and to be analytical of the approach and its ideas. It is intended that the reader leaves the volume ...
  • Collective bargaining 

    Chaneta, Isaac (PeCOP, 2009)
    Collective bargaining is concerned with the relations between employers acting through their management representatives and organized labour. It is concerned not only with the negotiation of a formal labour agreement but ...
  • Spurring workers' perfomance at work-place through job designing. 

    Chaneta, Isaac (PeCOP, 2009)
    Overtime, some jobs become routine and less challenging, resulting in the demotivation of the job-holders. Effort should be made to make work more reading or satisfying by adding more meaningful tasks to a worker’s job. ...