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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2001Adaptation, Deployment and Use of the Modern Bio fuel/Bio Power Technologies: A Case Study of ZimbabweMbohwa, Charles
Sep-2015Analysis of a gear train using finite element modellingMushiri, Tawanda; Mbohwa, Charles;
30-Jul-2007Bagasse Energy Cogeneration in Zimbabwe: The Technology, Possible Improvements and Setting the Right EnvironmentMbohwa, Charles
Sep-2016Design of a bench saw cutting machine for wood with automatic braking systemMushiri, Tawanda; Masarakufa, Fortunate; Mbohwa, Charles;;;
Sep-2016Design of a mechanical cleaning device PIG (pipeline intervention gadget) connecting two transfer lines in ZimbabweMushiri, Tawanda; Ndlovu, Stephen; Mbohwa, Charles;;;
Sep-2016Design of a paper slitting and rewinding machine for a developing country, ZimbabweMushiri, Tawanda; Mbohwa, Charles; Mashana, Godfrey;;;
11-Apr-2013Design of a rice transplanter for Zimbabwean farmersMushiri, Tawanda; Gutsa, Brighton; Mbohwa, Charles;;;
11-Apr-2017Design of a sawdust pelleting machineMushiri, Tawanda; Mugodo, Peterson; Mbohwa, Charles;;;
Sep-2016Design of an automatic tyre pressure inflation system for small vehiclesMushiri, Tawanda; Muzhanje, Allan T.; Mbohwa, Charles;;;
Jul-2014Finite element analysis of ROM silo subjected to 5000 tons monotonic loads at an anonymous mine in ZimbabweMushiri, Tawanda; Tengende, Kelvin; Mbohwa, Charles; Garikayi, Talon;
31-Mar-2006Green manufacturing/Cleaner Production in Zimbabwe: Learning from Japanese ExperiencesMbohwa, Charles
Jul-2015Machinery maintenance yesterday, today and tomorrow in the manufacturing sectorMushiri, Tawanda; Mbohwa, Charles;
Mar-2016A new product development framework for a timber processing companyNyemba, Wilson R.; Mushiri, Tawanda; Mbohwa, Charles; Shoniwa, Kuda J.;;;;
Sep-2016Quality delivery service as a strategy: Profile and perspectives for excellence achievement within OPRAGEssimengane, Jean Prosper Belui; Mushiri, Tawanda; Mbohwa, Charles;;;
Jul-2016The use of autonomous maintenance in the fertilizer industry in ZimbabweMushiri, Tawanda; Mugwindiri, K.; Mbohwa, Charles;;;