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Title: Design of an automatic tyre pressure inflation system for small vehicles
Authors: Mushiri, Tawanda
Muzhanje, Allan T.
Mbohwa, Charles
metadata.dc.type: Other
Keywords: Design
Tyre pressure
Inflation system
Small vehicles
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Citation: Mushiri, T., Muzhanje, A. T., & Mbohwa, C. (2016). Design of an automatic tyre pressure inflation system for small vehicles. Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Abstract: The advent of the tyre/automotive industry brought to a halt the savage days of long journeying by foot and suddenly introduced quick inter-city visits whilst the traveler is seated. In a bid to improve and perfect this modern way of journeying this paper focuses on the optimization of the automobile, subject matter being the effective and proper maintenance of the tyre so as to curb the disappointment of failing to travel due to underinflated tyres. The design presented in the report herein functions to restore the tyre pressure on vehicles so that they are kept at optimum pressure levels, thus extending their life time at the same time saving the owner from fuel costs and maintenance cost incurred with underinflated tyres. It constitutes of a wind driven turbine-compressor unit which uses drag wind as source of drive to a turbine and quickly converts it to rotational energy which powers a small compressor that feeds the tyre with pressurized air whenever the need arises. The system is monitored and controlled by a Java/Android program which detects low pressure and initiates compressor ON / OFF states. The system is environmentally friendly releasing zero gases and is self-sustaining using independent power source from that of the vehicle itself.
Description: Conference Paper
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