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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09Analysis of a gear train using finite element modellingMushiri, Tawanda; Mbohwa, Charles;
2015Design of a crushing system that improves the crushing efficiency of gold ore at a local mine: Case of ZimbabweMushiri, T; Mbohwa, C;
2017Design of a manually operated paper recycling machineChikuku, Tauyanashe; Mushiri, Tawanda; Mombeyarara, Panashe;
2015Design of a small scale cereal packaging machine suitable for developing countriesMushiri, T.; Mbohwa, C.;
2014Design of a vehicle door structure based on finite element method.Mushiri, T; Mbohwa, C;
2017-06Design of an Automated Powered Peanut Shelling Machine.Shoko, Alimon Z.; Mushiri, Tawanda;
2017-04-11Design of an electrically powered bending machine: case of ZimbabweMushiri, Tawanda; Shumba, Definite; mbohwa, Charles;;;
2015-10Dimensioning of hybrid solar-battery-grid micro-energy power systems to alleviate domestic power outages in urban Zimbabwe: A reliability-cost approachHove, Tawanda; Mushiri, Tawanda;;
2014Elasto-Plastic collapse analysis of pipe bends using finite element analysisMushiri, T; Mbohwa, C;
2014-07Finite element analysis of ROM silo subjected to 5000 tons monotonic loads at an anonymous mine in ZimbabweMushiri, Tawanda; Tengende, Kelvin; Mbohwa, Charles; Garikayi, Talon;
2015-07Machinery maintenance yesterday, today and tomorrow in the manufacturing sectorMushiri, Tawanda; Mbohwa, Charles;
2016-02Mechanical thermal stresses and creep analysis of boiler tubesMushiri, T;
2016-02A procedure for sizing pump-pipe systems with regard to minimising life cycle costs manageable on excel spreadsheetsHove, T; Mushiri, T;;
2017Sizing and economic analysis of a solar photovoltaic micro power system for Arundel Boarding house with or without net metering.Mukucha, Kundayi, V.; Hove, Tawanda; Mushiri, Tawanda;
2017-05-22Solar mini grids in AfricaChipandambira, N; Mushiri, Tawanda; Mugwindiri, K.;;;
2015To design and implement a reliable sugar evaporation control system that will work in an energy saving wayMushiri, T.; Mbohwa, C.;