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Title: Solar mini grids in Africa
Authors: Chipandambira, N
Mushiri, Tawanda
Mugwindiri, K.
Keywords: Electricity
Solar energy
Renewable energy
Issue Date: 22-May-2017
Citation: Chipandamira, N., Mushiri, T. and Mugwindiri, K. (2017, May ). Solar mini grids in Africa. Paper presented at 2017 Africa Unity for Renaissance International Conference, Pretoria.
Abstract: The technological advancement in telecommunications, engineering and agriculture has made electricity access a key factor for the development of any region in the world. The African continent has remained largely undeveloped because the electrification rates are low especially in Sub-Saharan African and the lack of electricity access is most acute in the rural and peri-urban areas. This research paper investigates how the availability of electricity to the rural and peri-urban areas in Africa can help in achieving sustainable development goals. Renewable energy sources specifically solar have been identified as an alternative energy solution for the generation of electricity in remote areas through the use of solar mini-grids. As national power grid extension is capital intensive and generation of electricity using fossil fuel breeds huge operation costs and greenhouse gases. An exploration of the availability of the solar recourse in the continent and the level of abundance of the solar resource, sets solar energy as an electricity generation method which is clean, cheap and sustainable. This research paper furthermore explores the financial models that can be implemented by communities to ensure that the Solar Mini Grids are economically viable and sustainable.
Description: Conference paper
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