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Recent Submissions

  • Some insights into the phenotypic and genetic diversity of indigenous pigs in Southern Africa 

    Halimani, T. E.; Muchadeyi, F. C.; Chimonyo, M; Dzama, K. (South African Journal of Animal Science, 2012-01)
    Indigenous pigs in southern Africa are mainly owned by economically vulnerable groups in marginal areas where they are used as a source food, income and security. A study was carried out to achieve three objectives: to ...
  • Genetic prediction models and heritability estimates for functional longevity in dairy cattle 

    Imbayarwo-Chikosi, V. E.; Dzama, K.; Halimani, T. E.; van Wyk, J. B.; Maiwashe, A.; Banga, C. B. (South African Journal of Animal Science, 2015-05-09)
    Longevity is a major component of the breeding objective for dairy cattle in many countries because of its high economic value. The trait has been recommended for inclusion in the breeding objective for dairy cattle in ...
  • Mortality and Diseases of Goats in Wedza Communal Areas of Zimbabwe 

    Kusina, N.T; Chikura, S; Sibanda, S (Zimbabwe Veterinary Association, 2000-03)
    A study was conducted to evaluate the extent and causes of mortality and diseases affecting goats in Wedza Communal Area. Mortality ranged from 16% in adult stock to 40% in pre-weaned kids. Kid mortality was higher during ...