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    • Labour Laws in Zimbabwe: Legal Targets and Reality 

      Nzombe, Shephard (Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe (UZ), 1993)
    • Labour Migration and Rural Economies 

      Mvura, O. (Geographical Association of Zimbabwe (GAZ), 1971)
      Labor migration plays a role in rural economies. It contributes to the redefinition of economic situations, attitudes, values and goals and provides new economic behavioral patterns. But in the application of the concept ...
    • Labour Problems in Rhodesia: A Trade Union Viewpoint 

      Sithole, Phineas S. (Rhodesian Economic Society (RES). University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe.), 1972-12)
      I have been invited to address this symposium on labour problems in Rhodesia from the point of view of an African trade unionist, but although my primary concern is with the well-being of the members of our trade unions, ...
    • Labour Problems in Rhodesia: A Trade Union Viewpoint 

      Duncan, W.F. (Rhodesian Economic Society (RES). University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe.), 1972-12)
      The Rhodesia Economic Society (RES) has invited me to read a paper giving a Trade Union point of view on the subject of Current Economic problems. It gives me great pleasure to do so and I hope that what I say will be of ...
    • Labour Problems in Rhodesia: An Employer's Viewpoint 

      Crookes, Ken B. (Rhodesian Economic Society (RES). University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe.), 1972-12)
      The fundamental “labour problem” which faces an employer in any country is the efficient economical use of the labour resources available to him. Availability in itself constitutes a problem. Related to the Rhodesian scene ...
    • Labour Problems in South Africa 

      Wilson, Francis A.H. (Rhodesian Economic Society (RES). University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe.), 1972)
    • Land Use Planning And Woodland Management: A Case Study Of Local Control And Regulatory Capacity On Household And Communal Woodland Resources In Zimbabwe 

      Nhira, C (IES, 1998)
      The article is in two sections and addresses the issues surrounding how small-scale communal farmers protect and control the use of tree resources on individual plots and communal woodland resources. The first section is ...
    • Landscape Evolution In Southern Africa And Zimbabwe: Traditional And Recent Views 

      Whitlow, Richard (Geographical Association of Zimbabwe (GAZ), 1989-12)
      The objectives of this paper are firstly, to outline traditional ideas on landscape evolution in Southern Africa; secondly, to present more recent views on landscape evolution of relevance to this part of Africa; and ...
    • Language and Gender: Implications on the Development of Female Self Concept in Zimbabwe 

      Bondai, Beatrice; Gora, Ruth; Muchenje, Francis (Human Resources Research Centre (HRRC); University of Zimbabwe, 2012-03)
      This article analyzes the relationship between use of language and gender in the development of the female self concept.The argument is that language can reinforce asymmetrical gender relations in society through the use ...
    • Language, Science,Technology, Mathematics (STM) and Poverty Alleviation in Africa: A Case for Nigeria 

      Umo, Uju Clara (Human Resources Research Centre (HRRC); University of Zimbabwe, 2008-03)
      This paper seeks to highlight the power of language in poverty eradication. In doing so, the paper examines the concept and causes of poverty and draws attention specifically to the relationship between language power and ...
    • Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Detached Retina 

      Hoffman, Bernard; Sparrow, Charles (Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (formerly University College of Rhodesia.), 1971-09)
      Laser is still a new weapon in the service of medicine and its main clinical value is in the treatment of detached retinae. The object of this paper is to report on the successful outcome in a particularly difficult type ...
    • Last Days of White Rhodesia 

      Roberts, R.S. (University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Publications., 1983)
      The title of this essay review is that of Dennis Hills’s book on events in this country from mid-1978 to mid-1980.1 This is his second book on the subject within three years,2 and, although enjoyable, is symptomatic of the ...
    • Law and Legal Education in the Period of Transition from Capitalism to Socialism 

      Gutto, Shadrack B.O. (Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe ( UZ.), 1983)
    • Law and Social Transformation: the Chilean Experiment 

      Nkiwane, Victor. (Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe (UZ), 1988)
      The victory of the Unidad Popular Party (UP) led by Salvador Allende in the Chilean general election of September 4, 1970 which led to the unfolding of political, economic and social processes never experienced anywhere ...
    • Lawyers Against the Law? Judges and the Legal Profession in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe 

      Ncube, Welshman (Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe (UZ), 1997)
      This negative image of lawyers as a dishonest profession which feeds on the innocent's miseries is almost as old as the legal profession and has sometimes resulted in shortsighted, emotional and retrogressive measures ...
    • Legalising Illegalities 

      Feltoe, Geoff (Faculty of Law, University of Rhodesia ( now University of Zimbabwe.) (UZ), 1975-10)
    • Levels of Difficulty of English Texts Used by Second Language English Speaking Children 

      Mavuna, JJ. (Department of Teacher Education (DTE), University of Zimbabwe., 2000-03)
      The purpose of this study was to assess the level of difficulty of English texts used by grade two primary school pupils whose first language is not English. The study targeted 98 government high density primary schools ...
    • Liberalised Markets And Rural Households 

      Stack, J.L (Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension ( AEE) ; University of Zimbabwe, 1998-07)
      The primary objectives of the research are to gain a better understanding and a more detailed picture of how liberalised markets are functioning in smallholder farming areas and how this affects rural households as producers ...
    • Locational Aspects Of The Manufacturing Industry In Zimbabwe 

      Tevera, D.S. (Geographical Association of Zimbabwe (GAZ), 1988-09)
      Mining and agriculture have long been the backbone of the Zimbabwean economy. However, since the l960’s the manufacturing sector has greatly increased in importance and it is now the sector that contributes most to the ...
    • Lung Abscess in Africans Admitted to the Medical Unit, Harare Hospital 

      Atherstone, Noel; Gelfand, Michael (Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (formerly University College of Rhodesia.), 1972-03)