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dc.creatorNkungula, Alice
dc.identifierNkungula, Alice (1990) Home Economics Teacher Quality In Zimbabwean Secondary Schools. ZJER, Vol.2 no. 3. Harare, Mt. Pleasant : HRRC.
dc.description.abstractGood health is fundamental to proper, effective and efficient learning and, consequently, to the socio-economic development of any nation. A poorly nourished nation is lethargic, and economically unproductive. In recognition of the part played by health in national development, the Ministry of Education and Culture in Zimbabwe is promoting Food and Nutrition (FN) as one of the subjects of the curriculum in secondary schools. The teaching of FN like any other technical subject demands, apart, well trained-and dedicated teachers who are alert to the rapid changes in the world today and are prepared to keep abreast of new developments by updating their own knowledge and skills. This study was undertaken to identify home economics (HE) teacher quality attributes in Zimbabwean secondary schools. Special emphasis was placed on personnel requirements for effective teaching of FN.
dc.publisherHuman Resource Research Centre, (HRRC), University of Zimbabwe.
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe
dc.titleHome Economics Teacher Quality In Zimbabwean Secondary Schools

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