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Title: Notes On The Rural Land Resettlement Programme In Zimbabwe
Keywords: Agriculture
Economic Development
Rural Development
Issue Date: 31-Aug-1987
Publisher: Geographical Association of Zimbabwe (GAZ)
Abstract: The land redistribution and resettlement programme, that was launched shortly after independence was aimed at (a) redressing the inequalities in land allocation and (b) relieving population pressures in the overcrowded communal areas. However, the government also recognized the significant role of the large-scale commercial farming sector in terms of providing jobs for some one-third of the total number of people in formal employment (in addition to their dependents),, producing food and industrial raw materials, and earning essential foreign exchange through agricultural exports (e.g. cotton, tobacco and coffee). Consequently,, only land that was vacant or not effectively utilized, or appeared to be held for speculative purposes, would be purchased for resettlement.
Other Identifiers: Zinyama., L.M. (1987) Notes On The Rural Land Resettlement Programme In Zimbabwe, GAZ Field Tour Papers of 31 August to 4 September, 1987. Harare, Mt. Pleasant; GAZ.
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