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Title: An overview of non-nickeliferous weathering crusts in Eastern Cuba
Authors: Njila, Tendai
Martinez, Roberto Diaz
Melgar, Gerardo Orozco
Puron, Arturo Luis Rojas
Keywords: Alumina
Eastern Cuba
Non-nickeliferous weathering crusts
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: High Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (ISMM)
Citation: Njila, T., Martinez, R. D., Melgar, G. O. & Puron, A. L. R. (2010). An overview of non-nickeliferous weathering crusts in Eastern Cuba. Minería y Geología, 26 (2), 14-34.
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the studies in non-nickeliferous weathering crusts initiated more than six decades ago in Eastern Cuba. This overview is based on a detailed literature review and a descriptive-critical discussion on these studies with the main objective of highlighting their achievements and failures. These investigations were motivated by the existence of large mineral deposits associated with different types of weathering crusts in this region and were mainly focused on finding bauxites. However, prospects could not be delineated because the alumina contents in these geological objects were below those required to classify them as bauxites. This limited the evaluation of the possibilities of assimilating these crusts in such industries as the ceramic, construction and refractory, among others, which can contribute significantly to the sustainable local development. Generally, in all these investigations there is an absence of solid mineralogical and geochemical criteria for the characterization and classification of different aluminium-rich weathering crusts. The SiO2-Al2O3- Fe2O3 contents in the region show that most of the weathering crusts as ferrosialitic. There are possibilities of finding sialitic, ferrallitic and allitic types in Cayo Guam, Centeno, Quesigua, Puriales de Caujeri, Quemado del Negro and Cantarrana. In overview, the level of study of the non-nickeliferous weathering crusts widely developed on gabbros, volcanic, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks in Eastern Cuba is relatively low. Further investigations including detailed profile sampling, chemical and mineralogical analyses in Téneme, Centeno, Cayo Guam, Quemado del Negro and Cantarrana are proposed which, in our opinion, are perspectives for allitic deposits.
ISSN: 1993 8012
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