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Title: The Role of Communication in Social Forestry: The Case of Mwenezi
Authors: Mudege, Netsai.N
Bourdillon, M.F.C
metadata.dc.type: Article
Keywords: communication
social forestry
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: University of Zimbabwe Publications
Citation: Mudege, Netsai. N and Bourdillon, M.F.C. (2003). ''The Role of Communication in Social Forestry: The Case of Mwenezi '', Zambezia, vol. 30, no.1, pp. 51-71.
Abstract: This article, based on participant observation in two villages of Mwenezi District, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, discusses the dissemination of knowledge about forestry. It looks at the role of the media, but points out that access to the media was limited. More important were local channels of communication. People are, however, selective in their acceptance of information they receive, particularly on environmental issues. Although technical knowledge is important to ensure the best use of the resources of forestry, the article shows how people interpret, modify, and respond to the information they receive according to how this information fits their perceived interests. Political issues, both at the national and the local levels, also affect the credibility of messages. Within a community, people respond differently, according to their status and their particular interests in the community. The article concludes that the successful transfer of technical knowledge on forestry for the use of local communities requires dialogue with the communities concerned.
ISSN: 0379-0622
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