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The Zimbabwe Government decided that the Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies which had existed as a statutory body should become an intergral part of the University of Zimbabwe and in 1990 it was inccooperated into the university.
The primary objective was to carry out policy-oriented research and to spearhead policy discussions and debates withing the framework of the social economic and political objectives of the Government. With its incooperation into the University the IDS as it is now known , had to redine its mission within the University context. In addition the research agenda of the Institute had to be revisited in the context of the urgen challenges of the 1990s.
Against this background the IDS has set itself the overall objective of carrying out academic and policy-oriented research (from 1996) that will contribute to Development through empowerment. By this concept we mean the increased economic and political participation of the majority of working people in the rural urban areas of Zimbabwe, who are currently marginalized in the development process. More specifically this vision aims to carry out the following:
  • Exellence in research
  • Achieving dialogue between actors
  • Dissemination of findings
  • Provision of short courses
  • Development of Higher Degree Programmes
  • Supervision of Higher Degrees
To carry out this mission, the IDS conducts its activities in five major areas;
  • Research
  • Public Forum Activities
  • Library
  • Teaching and Training
  • Consultancies

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