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Title: Animal Conservation and Human Survival: A Case Study of The Tembomvura People of Chapato Ward In The Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe
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Keywords: Environment
Issue Date: 29-Sep-2014
Abstract: This paper describes the predicament of the Tembomvura, a clan of hunter-gatherers dwelling in the Northern Zambezi valley in Zimbabwe, who find their traditional activities strongly circumscribed by the CAMPFIRE programme which regulates the use of wildlife resources in the area. Their expectations and their evaluation of the programme are presented and contrasted with the functioning of the programme as described by information gathered from other interested parties in the area and some of the CAMPFIRE officials. An attempt is made to formulate a critical evaluation of the programme in this area based on its theory and assumptions. The implications of the negative perceptions of the Tembomvura for the future success of the programme are also considered.
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