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    • Elizabeth Musodzi: The Catholic Woman Agent of the Gospel 

      Ruzivo, Munetsi (2006-06-22)
      The role played by Catholic African Women agents of the gospel in the propagation of the faith in Zimbabwe has not been highlighted in Catholic historiography in Zimbabwe This article focuses on Mai Musodzi of St Peters ...
    • Ethics Among the Shona 

      Chimuka, Tarisai.A (University of Zimbabwe Publications, 2001)
      This essay is a contribution towards an appreciation of Hunhu/Ubuntu as the basis of African philosophy. It seeks to demonstrate, by means of a specific example taken from an African text, that within the African ...
    • The Significance of Glossolalia in the Apostolic Faith Mission, Zimbabwe 

      Machingura, Francis (Edinburgh University Press, 2011)
      This study seeks to look at the meaning and significance of Glossolalia1 in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe.2 This paper has also been influenced by debates surrounding speaking in tongues in most of the Pentecostal ...