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dc.creatorShava, J.
dc.creatorNene, N.L.
dc.creatorMpande, L.
dc.identifierShava, J., Nene, N.L., & Mpande, L. (2004) Vaginal hysterectomy. A five year prospective descriptive study, CAJM vol. 50, no. 7& 8. (pp. 61-5) UZ, Avondale, Harare: Faculty of Medicine.
dc.description.abstractObjective: To review patients who had vaginal hysterectomy and observe any complications related to the procedure. Design: A prospective descriptive study. Setting: Sunshine Hospital, Actonville , Benoni, Gauteng Province, South Africa. Subjects : 124 consecutive women who had vaginal hysterectomy. Interventions : Vaginal hysterectomy. Main Outcome Measures: Duration of operation, hospital stay, intra and post operative complications; need for blood transfusion; histological result of uterus and uterus weight. Results: The mean age was 44.7years (range 16 to 74 years). Mean parity was 2.7 (range 0 to 9). Common indications were menorrhagia (34.7%) and myomatous uterus (25.8%). The common risk factors were previous Caesarean delivery (12.9%), medical conditions (9.7%) and previous tubal ligation (10.5%). The mean operation time was 86.6 minutes (range 52 to 140 minutes). Only two (1.6%) patients required blood transfusion. Complications occurred in 5.6% of the patients. Myomatous uterus (40.3%) and adenomyosis (19.4%) were the commonest histological diagnosis. The mean hospital stay was 2.5 days (range 2 to 21 days). The average weight of the uterus was 142.2 gms (range 25 to 599gms). Conclusions: Vaginal hysterectomy can be performed and achieve very low complication rates.
dc.publisherFaculty of Medicine. Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (UZ).
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ).
dc.subjectScience and Society
dc.titleVaginal hysterectomy. A five year prospective descriptive study

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