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dc.creatorPetzer, Karl
dc.creatorOladimeji, Yetunde
dc.creatorMorakinyo, Olufemi.
dc.identifierPetzer, K. , Oladimeji, Y & Morakinyo, O. (2001) Factors Affecting Condom Use Among Nigerian University Students, ZJER vol. 13, no.3. (pp. 283-301) UZ, Mt. Pleasant, Harare: HRRC.
dc.description.abstractThe aim of the study was to investigate factors affecting condom use among first-year orientation students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, iie-lfe, Nigeria.The sample included 450 students. 220 (48.9%) males and 230 (51.1%) females in the age range of 16-30years (M age 21.6yr., SD=2.9). Sexual activity and condom use (6 items), a 16 - item AIDS Health Belief Scale and a 28- item Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale were used. Almost one third (29.2%) of the sample reported never using condoms, 35.4% always, 19.8% regularly and8.5% irregularly in the past three months. The data show that psychosocial correlates such as attitudes, beliefs, social influence and self-efficacy of heterosexual condom use influence condom me and condom use intention. The utility of the Health Belief Model and Tlusory of Reasoned Action for HIV preventive behavior could be confirmed for condom use intention but not for current condom me. Higher self-efficacy of condom use was positively related to past condom use and intention to use condoms. Implications of these findings discussed in the context of developing an educational or intervention programme.
dc.publisherHuman Resources Research Centre (HRRC); University of Zimbabwe (UZ).
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ).
dc.subjectChildren and Youth
dc.subjectSexuality and Development
dc.titleFactors Affecting Condom Use Among Nigerian University Students.

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