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dc.creatorMakuvaza, N.
dc.identifierMakuvaza, N. (2008) Kantian Ethics in an African Perspective: Implications for Professionals in Zimbabwe, ZBTE vol. 15, no. 1. (pp. 30-44.) UZ, Mt. Pleasant, Harare: DTE.
dc.description.abstractThis paper intends to examine Kantian ethics and Afrocentric ethics in an attempt to show how the two perspectives can contribute towards the realization of ethical and responsible professionals in Zimbabwe. This paper is arguing that it is not more prisons and stiffer prison- terms that is called for to curb this menace but rather a particular ethic among our professionals. A number of explanations such as economic reasons have been advanced for this kind of behavior by our professionals. Notwithstanding these reasons this paper is hypothesizing that this type of behavior by professionals point to an absence of some ethical dimension in their professional training. This paper is arguing not for any ethics, for indeed there already exists some, but for Afro- Kantian ethics as a possible way of realizing responsible and ethical professionals in our society- professionals who will be able to balance the ‘external good’ versus ‘internal goods’ equation. This paper is one of the noble ways of contributing towards national efforts geared towards curbing this menace that has almost reached crisis proportions.
dc.publisherDepartment of Teacher Education (DTE), University of Zimbabwe (UZ).
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ).
dc.subjectScience and Society
dc.subjectWork and Labour
dc.titleKantian Ethics in an African Perspective: Implications for Professionals in Zimbabwe

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