The University of Zimbabwe's Centre for Population Studies (CPS) was established in 1989, originally as a unit within the Department of Sociology. The Centre has become increasingly interdisciplinary over time, drawing students from Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Public Health, Social Work and Statistics. The energy and intellectual curiosity of the Centre's researchers, fostered by the strong research environment and leavened by their interaction with visitors and students at all levels, is a major source of Centre momentum. <br> The Centre is strong in several key areas of demographic research, which can be grouped into several major areas:<br> <br> 1. Fertility, Family Planning, Health, and Sexual Behaviour, <br> 2. Marriage, Family, Children, and Links Between Generations, <br> 3. Inequality, Social Mobility, Race, and Ethnicity,<br> 4. Migration and Reproductive Health,<br> 5. Education and Training.


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