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dc.creatorNamuddu, K.
dc.identifierNamuddu, Katherine. (1992) Gender Perspectives In African Higher Education, Senior Policy Seminar On African Higher Education,March 23-27, 1992. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: UZ
dc.description.abstractThis paper discusses three main issues, namely (a) some basic facts on the access of females and males to higher education in Africa (b) participation of men and women with higher education in the labour market particularly, in the civil service, higher education and in entrepreneurial activities; and (c) some of the reasons why there is disparity in the percentages of men and women who have access to higher education. These issues are explored with emphasis on the social and cultural impediments, and the dis-empowering effects of the curriculum and methodology of education. Emphasis is placed on what takes place in the home at primary and secondary school, and during higher education. It is concluded that once females have overcome the cultural and social impediments at the household level, education itself becomes a stumbling block in their progress through school. This is because the curriculum and methodology at all levels of the system teaches technical knowledge and skills without ensuring that students acquire basic skills in social justice and developmental work.
dc.publisherUniversity of Zimbabwe (UZ)
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe
dc.titleGender Perspectives In African Higher Education
dc.typeConference paper

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