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dc.creatorMbiba, B.
dc.identifierMbiba, B. (1986) Introducing Factor Analysis In Geography: The Geography Of Zimbabwe's Elections, GEM Vol.9, No.1. Harare,Mt. Pleasant: GAZ.
dc.description.abstractThree experiences as a geography student prompted the writing of this paper. The first was exposure to the general debate on the use and misuses of quantitative techniques within the discipline. The second was observing the frustration experienced by 'non-mathematical' geography students each time quantitative techniques were introduced into geographical work, when geography was seen by them as a qualitative subject. The third was the unfortunate observation that, when introducing new topics or techniques, lecturers use remote so called 'classical' examples at the expense of more exciting and relevant local examples. This paper is an attempt to contribute on all three fronts in an effort to show how quantitative techniques may be utilized in the local context and with relevance to geographical topics.
dc.publisherGeographical Association of Zimbabwe (GAZ)
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe
dc.subjectScience and Society
dc.titleIntroducing Factor Analysis In Geography: The Geography Of Zimbabwe's Elections

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