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dc.creatorChiromo, A.
dc.identifierChiromo, A. (1999) Models Of Teaching Practice Since Zimbabwean Independence: A Critical Review, ZBTE Vol. 8, no.3. Harare, Mt. Pleasant : HRRC
dc.description.abstractThis paper attempts a critical review of the models of teaching practice adopted since Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980. It is argued in this paper that those who were empowered to decide by models of teaching practice tended to put more emphasis on political, economic and administrative needs at the expense of pedagogical needs of the student ' teachers. It is against this background that a possible model of teaching practice, which seeks to take into account the pedagogical objectives of teaching practice, has been proposed.
dc.publisherDepartment of Teacher Education (DTE), University of Zimbabwe
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe
dc.titleModels Of Teaching Practice Since Zimbabwean Independence: A Critical Review

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