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dc.creatorRutgers, S.
dc.identifierRutgers, S. (2001) Abortion admissions in rural Matebeleland North province, CAJM Vol. 47, no.9. Harare, Avondale: CAJM.
dc.description.abstractAbortions which are defined as the termination of a pregnancy with a duration of less than 22 weeks or delivery of a foetus of less than 500g rank among the top five causes for hospital admission of women in Zimbabwe. The same is true in Matebeleland North province where on average 950 women are admitted annually with the diagnosis of abortion: 800 abortions in the eight government and mission hospitals and 150 abortions in a big private mine hospital. Abortions are the most important reason for gynaecological admission in the province.
dc.publisherCentral African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe
dc.rightsUniversity of Zimbabwe
dc.titleAbortion admissions in rural Matebeleland North province

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