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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04-15Seasonal climate prediction and adaptation using indigenous knowledge systems in agriculture systems in Southern Africa: A reviewJiri, Obert; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.; Mubaya, Chipo; Mafongoya, Owen
2015-10-27Evaluation of Tillage Practices for Maize (Zea mays) Grown on Different Land-Use Systems in Eastern ZambiaMafongoya, Paramu, L.; Jiri, Obert; Phophi, Mutondwa;
2017-09-18Contextual vulnerability of rainfed crop-based farming communities in semi-arid Zimbabwe: A case of Chiredzi DistrictJiri, Obert; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.; Chivenge, Pauline;
2017-03-20Building climate change resilience through adaptation in smallholder farming systems in semi-arid ZimbabweJiri, Obert; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.; Chivenge, Pauline;
2015-10-20Impact of conservation agriculture on weed dynamics and maize grain yield in eastern ZambiaMafongoya, Paramu, L.; Jiri, Obert
2018-12-20Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture as A Pathway to Food Security: A Review Mapping the Use of Food SovereigntyChihambakwe, Michelle; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.; Jiri, Obert;
2017-11-28Tracking the release of soil nitrate and labile in a legume - maize rotation in ZimbabweJiri, Obert; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.;
2017-12-15Partial Nutrient Balances in Tropical Velvet Bean-Maize System in ZimbabweJiri, Obert; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.;
2017-10-31Velvet Bean and Cowpea Residual Effects on Maize Crop in Smallholder Farming Areas of ZimbabweJiri, Obert; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.;
2017-07-20Integration of indigenous and scientific knowledge in climate adaptation in KwaZulu- Natal, South AfricaBasdew, Myuri; Jiri, Obert; Mafongoya, Paramu, L.;