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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Detection of Brucella abortus in Chiredzi district in ZimbabweGomo, Calvin; Musari, Shuvai; de Garine- Wichatitsky, Michel; Caron, Alexandre; Pfukenyi, Davies M; van Heerden, Henriette
2009Tick infestation, and udder and teat damage in selected cattle herds of Matabeleland South, ZimbabweNdhlovu, D. N.; Makaya, P.V; Penzhorn, B. L
2013Awareness and attitude toward Zoonoses with particular reference to anthrax among cattle owners in selected rural communities of ZimbabweChikerema, S. M; Matope, G; Pfukenyi, D. M
2002Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in free-ranging lion and leopard populations in Southern AfricaPenzhorn, B. L; Stylianides, E; van Vuuren, M; Alexander, K; Meltzer, D.G.A; Mukarati, N
2013-09-18A serological survey of brucellosis in wild ungulate species from five game parks in ZimbabweMotsi, T.R; Tichiwangana, S.C; Matope, G; Mukarati, N. L.
2017-06Spatiotemporal patterns of clinical bovine dermatophilosis in Zimbabwe 1995–2014Ndhlovu, Felistas; Ndhlovu, Daud N.; Chikerema, Sylvester M.; Masocha, Mhosisi; Nyagura, Mudavanhu; Pfukenyi, Davies M.;
2018-10Amphistome infections in domestic and wild ruminants in East and Southern Africa: A reviewPfukenyi, Davies M.; Mukaratirwa, Samson;
2017-08Comparison of GARP and Maxent in modelling the geographic distribution of Bacillus anthracis in ZimbabweChikerema, Silvester M.; Gwitira, Isaiah; Murwira, Amon; Pfukenyi, Davies M.; Matope, Gift;
2019-08Brucellosis and chlamydiosis seroprevalence in goats at livestock–wildlife interface areas of ZimbabweBhandi, Solomon; Pfukenyi, Davies M.; Matope, Gift; Murondoti, Absolom; Tivapasi, Musavengana; Ndengu, Masimba; Scacchia, Massimo; Bonfini, Barbara; de Garine-Wichatitsky, Miche;
2005-02Epidemiology and control of trematode infections in cattle in Zimbabwe: A reviewPfukenyi, D. M.; Monrad, J.; Mukaratirwa, S.;