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Title: Three strategic-making tasks of an organisation
Authors: Chaneta, Isaac (Dr.)
Keywords: mission statement
performance targets
internal organisational factors
external organisational factors
Issue Date: 24-Jan-2011
Abstract: Management’s mission of what the organization is trying to do and to become over the long-term is referred to as the organization’s mission. A mission statement specifies what activities the organization intends to pursue and what course management has charted for the future. It outlines “who we are, what we do and where we are headed”. Mission statements are personalized in the sense that they set an organization apart from others in its industry and give it its own special identity, character and path for development. Without a concept of what the organization should and should not do, and a vision of where the organization needs to be going, a manager cannot function effectively as either leader or strategy-marker. There are there distinct aspects to the task of developing a company mission:- • Understanding what business a company is really in; • Deciding when to change the missions and alter the company’s strategic course; and • Communicating the mission in ways that are clear, exciting and inspiring.
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