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Title: Improving the management of operations at the “Office des Ports et RAdes du Gabon” (OPRAG): The road to achieve and sustain quality service delivery
Authors: Essimengane, B
Mushiri, T
Mbohwa, C
Keywords: Operations
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Citation: Essimengane, B., Mushiri, T., & Mbohwa, C. (2016). Improving the management of operations at the “Office des Ports et RAdes du Gabon” (OPRAG): The road to achieve and sustain quality service delivery. Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Abstract: The industrial engineering development in the spite of globalisation and fast technological advancement has set an unprecedented challenge for business around the world. Hence, new business models and concepts came to life in respect of golden principles of quality product development and/or quality service delivery. While the situation allegedly favour a number of businesses operating in the advanced economies, emerging and developing economies no matter the geographical location, the economic grading or the industry, are constantly facing changes which from times to times create a very turbulent business environment especially in Africa. So,continuous business process evaluation and customised business model to face the challenges are nowadays the key determining factors for business success. Consequently, the operations of any given business must be managed in such a way to maximise the opportunities to stay competitive and sell more products or services both locally and globally. Taken from above, this justifies the appointment of OPRAG (Office des Ports et Rades du Gabon) by the Government of Gabon with the mandate to oversee the operations of the country’s ports, with the main focus on their assets, staffs and daily activities in order to Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Quality, Reliability and Service delivery. Though, this research evaluates the duties of operations managers within OPRAG in order to objectively address the gap for a smooth running and great competitive edge. The data for the study werequantitatively obtained from 126 operations managers employed at OPRAG and its companies-partners in Gabon, by means of questionnaire. The data were quantitatively analysed using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques.
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