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Title: Marketing Of Resource Products: Understanding How Markets Work
Keywords: Environment
Rural Development
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Institute of Environmental Studies (IES) ; University of Zimbabwe
Abstract: This primer focuses on the operations and functions of markets for resource and forest products. Markets are fundamental in aiding the exchange of goods and services between people within an economy and in the distribution of goods among people and regions. If the way in which markets work is understood, it should be possible to assess particular markets to judge how well these operate and whether their functions may be improved. In contrast to the markets for processed or consumer products in large urban centres, relatively little is known about the decentralized markets for resource products that include fruit, small wildlife, and forest and other resource products, in local or rural areas. Markets for such items as gathered foods, craft products, firewood and charcoal are often informal in nature and there are few records and little information about most informal markets.
Other Identifiers: Veeman, Michelle (2001) Marketing Of Resource Products: Understanding How Markets Work, IES Special Report No. 28. Harare, Mt. Pleasant: IES
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