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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Detection of Brucella abortus in Chiredzi district in ZimbabweGomo, Calvin; Musari, Shuvai; de Garine- Wichatitsky, Michel; Caron, Alexandre; Pfukenyi, Davies M; van Heerden, Henriette
2019Seroprevalence and risk factors of brucellosis, chlamydiosis and ehrlichiosis in goats at different wildlife/livestock interface areas in the south-eastern lowveld of Zimbabwe.Bhandi, Solomon
2011Temporal and spatial distribution of cattle anthrax outbreaks in Zimbabwe between 1967 and 2006Pfukenyi, Davies Mubika; Matope, Gift; Chikerema, S.M.; Bhebhe, E.
2011A comparative study of the seroprevalence of brucellosis in commercial and small-scale mixed dairy-beef cattle enterprises of Lusaka province and Chibombo district, ZambiaMatope, Gift; Munyeme, G.; Chimana, H.M.; Hangombe, B.M.; Phiri, A.M.; Godfroid, J.; Skjerve, E.; Tryland, M.; Samui, B.; Phiri, J.
2011Milk producers’ awareness of milk-borne zoonoses in selected smallholder and commercial dairy farms of ZimbabweMatope, Gift; Mosalagae, Diphetogo; Pfukenyi, Davies Mubika
2012-08-29Approaches for Epidemiological Insights into the Iodine Nutrition of Ruminant Livestock under Natural Conditions in Zimbabwe.Ushewokunze-Obatolu, Unesu Hilda Fortune
2013Awareness and attitude toward Zoonoses with particular reference to anthrax among cattle owners in selected rural communities of ZimbabweChikerema, S. M; Matope, G; Pfukenyi, D. M
2014-05-23A survey of Tuberculosis and Brucellosis in wildlife and cattle in the South-East Lowveld of ZimbabweGomo, Calvin
2012-09-13Evaluation Of pH And Osmolality In The Small Intestines Of Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) And Chickens (Gallus Gallus) Experimentally Infected With Trichinella ZimbabwensisMagwedere, Kudakwashe
2014-07-17The seroprevalence of antibodies to Leptospira species in dogs presented to Harare veterinary clinics and selected rural communities in ZimbabweDhliwayo, Solomon