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Title: The Urban Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Threat to Human Security and Sustainable Development
Authors: Hove, Mediel
Ngwerume, Emmaculate Tsitsi
Muchemwa, Cyprian
Keywords: urban centre
urban population
human security
sustainable development
Sub-Saharan Africa
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Ubiquity Press
Citation: Hove, M. 2013. The Urban Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. Stability, 2(1): 7, pp. 1-14, DOI:
Abstract: Urban centres have existed and have been evolving for many centuries across the world. However, the accelerated growth of urbanisation is a relatively recent phe- nomenon. The enormous size of urban populations and more significantly, the rapidity with which urban areas have been and are growing in many developing countries have severe social, economic and physical repercussions. This paper argues that the accel- erated growth of urbanisation has amplified the demand for key services. However, the provision of shelter and basic services such as water and sanitation, education, public health, employment and transport has not kept pace with this increasing demand. Furthermore, accelerated and poorly managed urbanisation has resulted in various types of atmospheric, land and water pollution thereby jeopardising human security. This paper offers the conclusion that the increased environmental, social and economic problems associated with rapid urbanisation pose a threat to sustain- able development, human security and, crucially, peace.
ISSN: 2165-2627
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