The department of Computer Science provides knowledge with a scholarly and complementary practical value. The department aims to to teach computing with emphasis on software engineering to foster the development of systems that suit local industry to encourage entrepreneurship in the development of home products to offer a syllabus that is in sync with the current needs of employers to offer a progressive range of options covering hardware, software and networking to conduct academically sound research that is of practical relevance to our environment to encourage intellectual and professional development of students so that they are geared for leadership opportunities to publish a technical series of papers publicizing successful research carried out by the department.


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  • A bandwidth management framework for wireless mobile ad hoc networks 

    Nyambo, Benny M.; Janssens, Gerrit K.; Lamotte, Wim (EUROSIS, Ghent University, 2008-10)
    Quality of Service (QoS) in mobile ad hoc networks is a very important issue, especially these days as multimedia traffic finds its way on the network. Bandwidth is a very scarce commodity on wireless networks so bandwidth ...