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    • Observations on the Observance of Administrative Law in University Students Disciplinary Proceedings: a Survey of Selected Universities in Southern Africa 

      Goredema, Charles (Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe (UZ), 1996)
      The case for the transformation of educational institutions, particularly the universities, in South Africa has been well pleaded. Many universities have set up transformation structures of one form or another to give ...
    • Observations Upon the Oral Mucosa of the African 

      Squires, Bernard T. (Faculty of Medicine, Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University College of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe), 1958-03)
      The oral cavity, quite apart from those structures properly included in the realm of dentistry, is of great clinical importance, for it lends itself readily to inspection and examination and, like the eye, can reflect the ...
    • Occupational Health and Safety and Organized Labour 

      Clement, David (Institute of Development Studies Zimbabwe (ZIDS), 1983-12)
      Occupational disease is simply defined as disease which arises from a person’s work. The fact that it has been with us for a long time is illustrated by this extract from a booklet produced by NIOSH. Ancient Roman slaves ...
    • On Civil Procedural Law and Liberal Legalism 

      Radipati, B.D.D. (Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe (UZ), 1993)
      This article attempts to ascertain some of the general features regarding the unity between civil procedural law and liberal legalism. There is a fundamental idea that makes this attempt necessary. It is the critique of ...
    • On the Design of an Unrestricted Data Unit (UDU) Conceptual Model for Geo-Spatial Data 

      Semwayo, D.; Matambanadzo, P. (Institute of Environmental Studies (IES) (UZ), 2000)
      The maturing spatial information sciences have led to greater free flow of spatial information. More than ever before, scientists within and between scientific disciplines appreciate the need to exchange environmental ...
    • On-the-Job Training on the Assembly Plant of a South African Motor Vehicle Producer: a Case Study 

      Spandau, Arnt (Rhodesian Economic Society (RES). University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe.), 1972-12)
      It is the purpose of this paper to report the findings of a study into on-the- job training on a South African motor vehicle assembly-line. The data reported in this paper were collected during the months July, August and ...
    • Onyalai — A Disappearing Disease Entity 

      Wicks, A.C.B. (Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (formerly University College of Rhodesia), 1972-05)
      Onyalai is an interesting condition both clinically and histologically. It is characterized by haemorrhagic bullous eruptions of the mucous membranes, usually in the mouth, accompanied by thrombocytopaenia and occurs ...
    • Option Pricing Model with Time-Varying Volatility 

      Ncube, Mthuli (Department of Economics. University of Zimbabwe (UZ.), 1991-10)
      The paper extends the option pricing model of Merlon (1973) with lime-varying volatility of the underlying security. We develop the theoretical option model. Time-varying volatility is constructed by fitting a lime-polynomial ...
    • Orbital Exenterations and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Conjunctiva at Sekuru Kaguvi Eye Unit, Zimbabwe 

      Masanganise, R.; Magava, A. (Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), Faculty of Medicine, University of Zimbabwe (UZ)., 2001-08)
      The association of squamous cell carcinomas of the conjunctiva and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is well documented in the literature.1'3 Early detection and treatment of patients with SCCA of the conjunctiva is of ...
    • Organisation And Management Of Small-Holder Irrigation In Zimbabwe: An Overview 

      Rukuni, Prof. Mandivamba (Department of Land Management (DLM) ; University of Zimbavbwe (UZ), 1984)
      This paper discusses the organisation, and management of small-holder irrigation in Zimbabwe. Government and parastatal organisations involved are discussed and so are the national goals of small-holder irrigation development. ...
    • Organisation, Quality and Challenges in the B. Ed Technical Education Degree Industrial Attachment Course, University of Zimbabwe. 

      Chiweshe, Misozi; Motsi, Emily; Edziwa, Xavier (Human Resource Research Centre (HRRC) , University of Zimbabwe (UZ.), 2011-11)
      The study sought to find out how students on the Bachelor of Education (Technical) degree programme rated the oiganization and quality of the Industrial Attachment component of the programme. Challenges students faced ...
    • Organophosphate Poisoning and Management, an Update. 

      Nhachi, C.F.B. (Faculty of Medicine. Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (UZ)., 2001-05)
      Organophosphate poisoning is characterized for the most part, by acute incidents. Management is by way of first aid (in mild poisoning) and use of atropine with or without the oximes, (in moderate to severe poisoning). Of ...
    • Paediatric treatment costs and the HIV epidemic 

      Nelson, E.A.S; Weikert, M.; Phillips, J.A. (Faculty of Medicine, Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM) University of Zimbabwe (UZ.), 1995-05)
      As the AIDS epidemic puts additional strains on the already overburdened health care systems in sub-Saharan Africa, it becomes more important to estimate the cost of the epidemic in terms of health personnel and drug ...
    • Pancreatic Calcification In Rhodesian Africans 

      Wicks, A.C.B. (Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (formerly University College of Rhodesia), 1973-09)
    • Parental Involvement in the Education of Children with Special Needs 

      Rinashe, Harry M. (Department of Teacher Education (DTE) University of Zimbabwe (UZ), 1997-07)
      Children with special educational needs deserve more parental support in their learning than ordinary children do. Most parents are reluctant to involve themselves fully in the profession they are not experts in. Educators ...
    • Participatory Rural Appraisal for Agroforestry: A Primer. 

      Madzudzo, Elias (Institute of Environmental Studies (IES) ; University of Zimbabwe., 2001)
    • Participatory Systems Analysis An Introductory Guide. 

      Lynam., Tim (Institute of Environmental Studies (IES) (UZ), 2001)
      In this guide I provide a general outline of PSA as well as an introduction to some of the more useful tools that I have encountered over the years. There are many more tools available than I will discuss-this is inevitable ...
    • Pattern of cleft lip and palate in Benin City, Nigeria 

      Obuekwe, O.N.; Akapata, O. (Faculty of Medicine. Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (UZ)., 2004-07)
      Objective: To study the pattern of cleft lip and/or palate (CL/P) in Benin City, Nigeria and to compare the findings with reports from other parts of the world. The results of this study may be used to improve the welfare ...
    • Patterns of Disease at Selected Rhodesian Hospitals 

      Fraser-Ross, W. (Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe (formerly University College of Rhodesia.)., 1971-11)
    • Patterns Of Livestock Ownership And Distribution In Zimbabwe's Communal Areas 

      Christensen, Gary; Zindi, Christopher (Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension (AEE); University of Zimbabwe., 1991-07)
      Communal farmers are the major owners of livestock in Zimbabwe. In 1988 they owned 68% of all cattle, 99% of all goats, 84% of all sheep, and 60% of all pigs. Moreover, this dominance of national livestock holdings is ...