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    • The Relevance of Budget Preparation in School Administration 

      Fan, Fan Akpan; Besong, Besong Joseph (Human Resource Research Centre (HRRC) , University of Zimbabwe (UZ.), 2008-11)
      Nigerian educational system is characterized by declining resources, rising costs and greater awareness for public accountability. These conditions make the management of the available human and material resources a social ...
    • Towards the Enhancement of Population and Family Life Education for Nigerians 

      Fan, Fan Akpan; Usoro, Sunday Udoh; Edinyang, S. D. (Human Resource Research Centre (HRRC) , University of Zimbabwe (UZ.), 2007-11)
      The thrust of this paper is to highlight the strong relationship that exists between population/family life education and the quality of life for Nigerians. It observes that Nigeria’s population is increasing exponentially ...