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Factors affecting food and nutrition security in Goromonzi district, Moshonaland East Province of Zimbabwe

Show simple item record Kasakaza, Bernard 2016-10-12T07:09:03Z 2016-10-12T07:09:03Z 2016-08
dc.description.abstract This study seeks to establish factors affecting household food and nutrition security in Goromonzi District. It is motivated by the fact that household food insecurity in Goromonzi (11.7 %) is comparatively higher than that of areas such as Mutoko (10%) for an area that has ideal agro-ecological conditions for food production while close to the Metropolitan city of Harare where labour market exists. The research investigates the food security paradox that has been witnessed in the district. It seeks to establish factors that affect household food and nutritional in/security in Goromonzi District while further providing a comparison of factors affecting food access and food utilization as measured by HDDS and HFIAS respectively. OLS and Probit regressions analysis methods where used to accomplish the objectives of this study. OLS regression results show that there exist more socio-economic factors that affect food in/security in Goromonzi than demographic factors. The study establishes that income, granary capacity, experience in farming, extension services, age and household size are significant factors that affect dietary diversity in area under study. Probit results using HDDS was also consistent with OLS regression results. However, both OLS regression and Probit regression utilising HFIAS as the indicator shows that only incomes are the only significant factor explaining food access. Policies that support food supplements for the aged, birth control, provision for extension services, increasing household incomes as well as income transfer will enhance food and nutrition security. en_US
dc.language.iso en_ZW en_US
dc.subject Food supply en_US
dc.subject Nutrition en_US
dc.subject food supplements en_US
dc.subject Food security en_US
dc.title Factors affecting food and nutrition security in Goromonzi district, Moshonaland East Province of Zimbabwe en_US
dc.contributor.registrationnumber R048507G en_US Mumbengegwi, Clever Zimbabwe en_US Economics en_US Faculty of Social Studies en_US University of Zimbabwe en_US MSc en_US Master of Science Degree in Economics en_US Thesis en_US 2014

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