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Economic Analysis of Soyabean Production and Management Technologies: a Case Study of Hurungwe Communal Lands, Zimbabwe

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dc.creator Mudimu, G.D. 2015-08-28T08:06:54Z 2015-12-08T10:56:00Z 2015-08-28T08:06:54Z 2015-12-08T10:56:00Z 2015-08-28T08:06:54Z 1998
dc.identifier Mudimu, G.D. (1998) Economic analysis of soyabean production and management technologies: A case study of Hurungwe Communal Lands, Zimbabwe. In: Mpepereki, S.M & Makonese, F.T. (eds.) Harnessing Biological Nitrogen Fixation in African Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities: Sixth International Conference of the African Association for Biological Nitrogen Fixation, 12-17 September, 1994, Harare, Zimbabwe: selected papers. Mt. Pleasant, Harare: UZ Publications, pp. 75-81.
dc.identifier 0908307586
dc.description.abstract This study focused on analysis of research, demonstration and survey data on alternative soyabean production and management technologies in Hurungwe District, Zimbabwe. Use of improved soyabean production and management technologies improved yield of the local variety, Hurungwe Special. Most farmers viewed improved seed and management practices, such as early planting, proper plant density, inoculation, proper fertiliser placement and timing of application as contributing to increased soyabean yield. Soyabean has potential as a major cash crop for small- scale farmers in better rainfall areas. Expansion of soyabean production is possible given the positive net return to land and family labour compared to some crops in the cropping system. It fits in well into the current farming practices of the farmer. It also offers the opportunity to increase cash income without any serious consequence on household food security as farmers are unlikely to make a complete substitution of soyabeans for maize.
dc.language en
dc.publisher University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Publications. (Department of Soil Sciences)
dc.rights University of Zimbabwe (UZ)
dc.subject Agriculture
dc.subject Economic Development
dc.subject Rural Development
dc.title Economic Analysis of Soyabean Production and Management Technologies: a Case Study of Hurungwe Communal Lands, Zimbabwe
dc.type Book chapter
dc.type Conference paper

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