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Patterns Of Livestock Ownership And Distribution In Zimbabwe's Communal Areas

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dc.creator Christensen, Gary
dc.creator Zindi, Christopher 2014-10-13T10:25:50Z 2015-12-08T10:53:17Z 2014-10-13T10:25:50Z 2015-12-08T10:53:17Z 2014-10-13T10:25:50Z 1991-07
dc.identifier Christensen, G. & C. Zindi (1991) Patterns Of Livestock Ownership And Distribution In Zimbabwe's Communal Areas; AEE Working Paper no.4. Harare, Mt. Pleasant : AEE.
dc.description.abstract Communal farmers are the major owners of livestock in Zimbabwe. In 1988 they owned 68% of all cattle, 99% of all goats, 84% of all sheep, and 60% of all pigs. Moreover, this dominance of national livestock holdings is growing notably in the beef sector where communal farmers,have increased their share of the national beef herd from 55% in 1980 to 68% in 1988 ’(CSO, 1989) . These trends in ownership have two major implications: for agricultural policy. The immediate effect is a growing shortage of beef for domestic consumption, due to the much lower off-take rates in the communal sector (1%-3%) as opposed to the commercial sector (18%- 23%). Prime determinants of this low off-take rate include an average herd size of 7.1 cattle (MLARR), and the fact that Communal farmers value cattle for their contribution to crop production (through draft and manure); rather than as a direct source of cash income (Cousins, 1989). This later conflict between household needs for food /security and national requirements for meat production poses a major dilemma for policy-makers.
dc.language en
dc.publisher Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension (AEE); University of Zimbabwe.
dc.relation Working Paper AEE Series;No. 4/1991
dc.rights University of Zimbabwe
dc.subject Agriculture
dc.subject Rural Development
dc.title Patterns Of Livestock Ownership And Distribution In Zimbabwe's Communal Areas
dc.type Series paper (non-IDS)

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