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Title: "Where Civil Blood Made Soldiers Hands Unclean" Rethinking War Time Coercion
Authors: Mazarire, Gerald Chikozho
metadata.dc.type: Article
Keywords: soldiers
guerrilla war
civilian population
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Academy Publishing/ SACDP
Citation: Mazarire, Gerald,2000,Where civil blood made soldiers hands unclean, Journal of African Conflict and Development, vol 1.pp 44-59
Abstract: The Rhodesia Security forces and ZANLA guerrillas operating in Chivi had to win the war. It mattered little to them whether this goal was to be achieved by means of fair or foul, and as the war progressed, the problem was aggravated by their ever increasing numbers in the battlefield. With more emphasis being placed on quantity rather than quality in recruitment as well as training, the calibre of the forces on both sides of the battle front deteriorated rapidly as well. This corresponded directly with the deterioration of relations between the combatants themselves and the civilian population at large.
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