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Title: Not everything acid-fast is Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A case of Nocardia
Authors: Bhagat, K.
Ibrahim, H.
Naik, K.
metadata.dc.type: Article
Keywords: Nocardial infections
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Motor convulsion
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences
Citation: Bhagat, K., Ibrahim, H., & Naik, K. (1999). Not everything acid-fast is Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A case of Nocardia. Central African Journal of Medicine, 45 (8), 217-219.
Abstract: We report a case of a 47 year old woman who presented with a history of motor convulsions and a three month history of an increasingly painful and progressively enlarging mass on the right side of her back. Neurological examination revealed generalised wasting and a right sided hemiplegia. A biopsy of the mass was taken for microbiology which reported growing branching gram positive rods after three days of incubation. A mycological diagnosis of Nocardia asteroides was made. An MRI scan revealed extensive infiltration of the fungal mass into extending from the base of the skull to fifth cervical vertebra.
ISSN: 0008-9176
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