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Title: Perceptions of middle managers on talent development and management in business organisations in Zimbabwe
Authors: Sai, Judias Peter
Zinyemba, Alice Z
Mutana, Sarudzai
metadata.dc.type: Article
Keywords: Talent development
Middle management
Succession planning
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: University of Zimbabwe, Faculty of Commerce
Citation: Sai, Judias Peter., Zinyemba, Alice. Z., & Mutana, Sarudzai. (2014). Perceptions of middle managers on talent development and management in business organisations in Zimbabwe. University of Zimbabwe Business Review, 2 (1), 20-29.
Abstract: Talent development and management is a subject that has been widely researched. In some organizations, talent development and management is not a conscious process. Organizations approach the practice differently with some organizations having clear policies on talent development and succession planning while others approach it in a casual manner. This study carried out a survey to determine the perceptions of middle managers from various organizations in Zimbabwe on the existence of talent development and management, the existence of talent development and management policies, the extent to which talent management is an integrated process and to identify the approaches used by different organizations in handling talent. It came out that in Zimbabwe, the talent development and management area is a mixed bag with some organizations taking a conscious and well planned approach to it while others approach it in a passive manner. The underlying result, however, is that talent development is present in most Zimbabwean organizations although it is referred to differently. It is recommended that organizations should put relevant talent development and management policies in place and ensure that the organization's approach and expectations are clear to every organization member, if talent is to be harnessed profitably.
ISSN: 1819-2971
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