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Title: Holding Collaborative Promise Delivery Forums with Staff
Authors: Madzivire, Alex Benjamin (Dr)
metadata.dc.type: Article
Keywords: collaborative forums
employee relationships
personal values
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: MaCotra
Citation: Madzivire, A.B. (2014). Holding Collaborative Promise Delivery Forums with Staff. Macotra
Series/Report no.: MaCoTra Singing ORGANISATIONS THAT TRANSFORM;
Abstract: This article has its genesis in my doctoral study with the University of South Africa’s (UNISA) School of Business Leadership (SBL) from 2001 to 2003. An electronic version of the thesis is available on the UNISA Institutional Repository. Twelve (12) books have since been self-published – four (4) in 2011, seven (7) in 2012 and one (1) in 2013. Seventeen (17) articles, derived from the study, are available on the University of Zimbabwe Institutional Repository since 2013. The overarching lens for all works is the Madzivire Collaborative Transformation (MaCoTra) model developed during my UNISA study. The MaCoTra model is based on the metaphor of seven (7) CHORUSES. Each of the model CHORUSES constitutes one (1) book of the MaCoTra Seven-CHORUS-Book CHAIN, self-published in 2012, and an article forming the MaCoTra Seven-CHORUS-Article CHAIN. The structure of each of the 7 articles is meant to ease referencing across the Seven-CHORUS-Article CHAIN. Article 1 covers new insights on CHORUS 1, Article 2 on CHORUS 2, Article 3 on CHORUS 3, Article 4 on CHORUS 4, Article 5 on CHORUS 5, Article 6 on CHORUS 6 and Article 7 on CHORUS 7. Having made a random selection of thirteen (13) private sector, eleven (11) public sector and eleven (11) civic sector organisations for inclusion in the Seven-CHORUS-Article CHAIN and Seven-CHORUS-Book CHAIN, I documented my experiences in applying each CHORUS in these organisations from 2003 to 2012. I relied heavily on documents that I accessed and/or created during my consulting assignments. After a sector based analysis, I have included major reflections that I consider relevant in understanding the dynamics at play for each CHORUS. In some cases, I have also leaned on ‘words of wisdom’ from thought leaders to spice the reflections. I believe that the organisations sampled reflected polar types in the way they engaged in CHORUS 1. Of course, there have been discords particularly when some organisational members did not fully cuddle in CHOIR or CHORUS practice. I trust that the Seven-CHORUS-Article CHAIN will energise those scholars/practitioners who have been questioning how to apply the MaCoTra model. This preface is a MODIFIED MELODY to suit each of the 7 articles, much like a CHORUS!!!
Description: This article is a derivative of the author's doctoral thesis [with the University of South Africa (UNISA) from 2001 to 2003] promoted by UNISA’s School of Business Leadership (SBL) Professor Stella Nkomo. The electronic version of the thesis is available on the Unisa Institutional Repository.
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