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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1989Salaries and the teaching profession in Zimbabwe: importance, desire and reality-
22-Apr-1987Sanctions and the liberation struggles in Southern Africa: Theses and antithesis of imperialismGutto, S.; Hlatshwayo, B.; Nzombe, S.
1992SAPES Trust Research: Peace and Security in Post-Apartheid Southern Africa-
31-Jul-2012Satellite Remote Sensing of Surface water evaporation over Lake Mutirikwi, ZimbabweChinyepe, Andrew
2002Saying 'No' Without Saying 'No': Indirectness and Politeness in Shona RefusalsMashiri, Pedzisai
Mar-2005School Counsellors’ Perceptions Of Headmasters’ Attitudes Towards Guidance And Counselling In Zimbabwe Secondary Schools-
1-Sep-2007School dropouts in Zimbabwe between 1980 and 2004: Implications for education and training policy twenty-five years after independence.Zengeya, Munyaradzi Alexander
Jul-1993Schooling And The Drought In Zimbabwe: The Views And Reactions Of Primary School Senior Teachers-
Feb-1970Science Assisted Medicine And The Future Of General Practice And Public Health-
Sep-1997Science Teachers' Cultural Beliefs And Conceptions Of the Nature of Science And Instruction-
Apr-2016Screening for the effects of selected Zimbabwean plant extracts on enzymes and processes involved in pain and inflammation.Chirisa, Elaine; R055334H
4-Sep-2012Screening of some Traditional Medicinal Plants from Zimbabwe for Biological and Anti-microbial ActivityMunodawafa, Tafadzwa
2011A Search for ConstructsMadzivire, Alex Benjamin
30-Aug-2012The Search for Molecular Markers, Parental Characterisation and inheritance Studies of Witchweed [Striga Asiatica (L.) Kuntze] Resistance in Sorghum [Sorghum Bicolor (L.) Moench].Mutengwa, Charles Shelton
Mar-2000Secondary School Pupils’ And Teachers’ Perceptions Of Context-Led Teaching And Learning Of Science-
Jul-2012Secondary School Teachers' and Pupils' Views on the use of Mathematics Textbooks with Answers in Mazowe District-
Jul-2011Secondary School Wood Technology Graduates: What have Industrialists to Say? : A Case Study of Furniture Manufacturing Industries in Southerton Heavy Industrial Area in Harare-
1996Security of Employment in the Public Service in Botswana: A Synopsis-
Mar-2017Security sector reform: State security and human security relations in Zimbabwe - the case of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) 1980-2008Bangidza, Lucky Bassie; R078170B