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A Critical Incident Reporting System In Anaesthesia

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dc.creator Madzimbamuto, F.D.
dc.creator Chiware, R. 2014-12-16T23:21:42Z 2015-12-08T10:53:42Z 2014-12-16T23:21:42Z 2015-12-08T10:53:42Z 2014-12-16T23:21:42Z 2001-09
dc.identifier Madzimbamuto, F.D and Chiware, R. (2001)A Critical Incident Reporting System In Anaesthesia, CAJM vol. 47, no.9. Harare, Avondale: CAJM
dc.identifier 0008-9176
dc.description.abstract The critical incident system is now well established as a concept and activity of a quality programme in anaesthesia. Most publications are from well resourced countries with little contribution from developing countries. When something goes wrong in the anaesthetic management of a patient, that event is the final outcome of a process that began some time before. The event may or may not be the ‘fault’ of the anaesthetist, but that the system (environment) in which he/she works, allows certain errors to occur without correction. Eventually, the cumulative or coincident effect of several such errors leads to the “something going wrong”. A critical incident system identifies such errors, alerts participants to the types of errors in the system, enabling corrective measures to be put in to place, rendering the environment safer. The Department of Anaesthetics and Critical Care Medicine, University of Zimbabwe Medical School has introduced a Critical Incident Reporting System as part of their quality programme. The audit presented here is a review of that process.
dc.language en
dc.publisher Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), University of Zimbabwe
dc.rights University of Zimbabwe
dc.subject Health
dc.subject Technology
dc.title A Critical Incident Reporting System In Anaesthesia
dc.type Article

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